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01 January 1970 01:00:00 CET

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Claude Ruibal

Claude Ruibal
Member of the Group Management Board & Senior Vice President, Digital, Production & Sports Services
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Digital Fan Engagement Sports Innovation Broadcasting

The importance of evaluating your live content distribution platforms

This is the second of two blogs from an interview with iWorkinSports. You can view the first blog here and both videos on the iWorkinSports YouTube channel.

Digital Fan Engagement Sports Innovation Broadcasting

Connecting brands and consumers in an ever-evolving digital world

I have been lucky to sit courtside during an era of huge change in the sports media and marketing industry. It is incredible to see what the trajectory has been and how content producers have had to a...

Digital Broadcasting

Digital – the Great Connector

Today's challenge is that sports fans want to connect with each other and with the sport, not brands or broadcasters. Our goal is to show both broadcasters and sponsors how they can leverage digital s...

Digital Fan Engagement

The digital revolution in sport

The unlimited capacity to show sports content on a variety of platforms grants fans new access to an event that they have previously never experienced.